Scott “Biscuit” Hazen


Scott started playing drums and percussion professionally at 13. Studied with Bob White (who recorded with jazz trumpeter Chet Baker). He attended and graduated from the US Navy School of Music.

Plays all styles of music including Classical, Modern Classical, Opera, Gilbert & Sullivan, Broadway Musicals, Big Band from the 40’s to the present, Jazz, Funk, Blues, American Song Book, Rock, Country, Latin. In other words…All styles and genres.

Scott was inducted into the Blues Hall of Fame from Florida in August 2014. He is also an Ambassador for the Blues Hall of Fame from the State of Florida.

He is currently working with many artists throughout the US and Florida

Scott also rebuilds older snare drums and sets. Scott currently plays Gretsch USA Custom drums (2007 and 1972) and Zildjian, Sabian and Paiste cymbals. His snare drum collection includes a 7×14 single ply Noble & Cooley. 7×14 1936 Radio King Slingerland one ply, Ludwig 6.5×14 Hammered Phospher Bronze, a 90th Anniversary 1920’s replica Black Beauty among others.

Scott is also Certified and called to The Gospel Ministry and is involved with both Prison Ministries and Bike Ministries traveling around the US. He considers himself a “Musianary”.

“I’ve often been asked what my mindset is when I’m playing. A simple answer is to ‘serve the music being played”! Music is a conversation among players and vocalists alike. One must listen to this conversation in order to contribute. In other words, make sure your groove and pulsation adds to the mix. If people aren’t tapping their feet….you aren’t doing’ you’re job!

Scott has been serving and performing with Larry Howard, Glenn Kaiser, Johnny Mannion, Don and Rhea Ovebey (Music for the Soul Ministry), Mark Mason (Life on the Verge Ministry), Debbie Milligan (Healing Wings Ministry), Tony Loeffler (Solid Rock Ministry), Stephen King (Highway 61 Ministry) and Pontus Back (Ambassadors for Christ Ministry) to name a few.